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Our team of consultants is at your disposal to support you in strategic decisions at all stages of your company’s life and in the daily management of your company.

Continuous development

Through a detailed analysis and insight into your accounts, we will identify positive and negative trends at an early stage, so you will be able to align your company’s strategy with the trends identified and take the decisions necessary to strengthen your company’s position in order to be successful in the future.

We analyse your company during a determined cycle, work out goals and strategies for your company together, based on the defined directions and create interim reports which allow you to monitor your performance. The regular repetition of this cycle allows you to constantly develop your business and distance your company from your competitors.

In-depth analyses

  • Analyse your revenue distribution and development so you can focus on the most attractive segments for your company and align your business strategy accordingly.
  • Investigate your cost structure in depth, as well as its development in relation to your sales allowing you to optimise your margins and the workforce structure.
  • Analyse your personnel structure together with you, so you can optimise the productivity of your employees in order to optimise your margins and the structural composition of your staff.


If you are planning a new project, setting up a new company or taking over a competitor, we will help you to develop business plans that will enable you to plan your future project in detail and convince your financial partners to support and finance your promising projects.

It Services

Furthermore, you can benefit from a close cooperation with our IT department being able to provide you technological solutions in order to achieve the jointly developed strategies.

Co-funding of training (INFPC)

We provide assistance to companies for the submission of applications for co-financing of training to the National Institute for the Development of Lifelong Learning


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IT Services


  • Facilitate the management of your accounting and finances by uploading your documents into FisoConnect.
  • Track your sales, expenses and profits and quickly analyze your business performance.


Take advantage of FisoDrive to upload your documents so that our staff can directly access your papers and process your requests as quickly as possible by connecting to us through the cloud.

You no longer have to worry about equipment failure or loss of your files because they are stored in the cloud and you can access them anytime, anywhere.


Your KPIs on one page.

Get your key performance indicators all on one page (such as turnover, gross margin, personnel cost, general expenses, EBITDA, EBIT, net income and cash flow) for the last 5 years.


How has your company developed over the last 5 years? Which costs burden your company the most? Which customers bring your company the most turnover? Which customers have the most outstanding invoices to pay?

FisoAnalytics can answer all these questions and many more by giving you an accurate insight into your accounting and thus allowing you to make the best decisions necessary for your business.

This enables you to view and analyse the performance of the individual branches, but also of the company as a whole, over the last few years and thus to make the right decisions for your company.


Increase the profitability of your company by optimizing your business processes through our IT support.

Our informatics team offers you the possibility to develop or edit programs that can be adapted to the individual needs of your company.


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